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Max, the Mastiff, now deceased
We Remember
How we helped: 
Seniors for Seniors adoption grant

As we greet a new year, we fondly recall one of the great dogs The Grey Muzzle Organization helped last year. Though he crossed the rainbow bridge in 2014, Max the Mastiff is far from forgotten and will always be held dear in the heart of BJ, his loving mom during his final days. At nine years old, Max (formerly called “Nigel”) was found in a shelter and rescued by Mastiff Rescue of Florida (MRF). With help from MRF and in part a Grey Muzzle grant, Max received medical care and was neutered.

Due to his age, however, Max didn't recover well from his surgery and at first, was not expected to make it through the night. But no one gave up on him. Nina, the volunteer who rescued Max from the shelter, looked after him until he was well enough to travel. Then she drove him 330 miles to place Max with BJ, his perfect match, through MRF's Oldies But Goodies program, which unites senior dogs with senior fosters. BJ is a wonderful woman who is dedicated to fostering senior dogs and had experience with Mastiffs previously. 

BJ was immediately passionate about caring for Max and proclaimed he gave her a reason to get up in the morning. While he was with her, she awoke most mornings with him snuggled in her arms. Under BJ’s adoring guidance, Max spent his final days as a big sweetheart who sported excellent manners and an energetic spirit. Always by BJ’s side, he loved to make her laugh with his goofy behavior (she said his expressions reminded her of Scooby Doo!) and his giving of “high fives!" In turn, she spoiled him with tons of love, good food and even midnight yogurt snacks. She gave him her best for nearly a year, until he could no longer walk and according to the vet, most likely had cancer. It was his time. BJ will always remember Max as a special dog and spoke for many fosters and senior adults as she expressed sincere thanks to Mastiff Rescue of Florida and Grey Muzzle for enabling her to help these magnificent senior treasures. “Max is my sixth Mastiff and my fourth senior. All much loved and best of all, THEY LOVED ME!”

Max the gentle giant with his ever-loving foster mom, BJ.

Max with his foster mom, BJ