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Mason, the Dalmation
How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Mason, a lovable “old spot,” was adopted from a shelter six years ago. Earlier this year his owner died of cancer, leaving Mason's future care with a friend. Unfortunately the friend who tried to care for Mason was living in a rundown home, in dire straits financially and physically. If he turned Mason into the local SPCA (where he originally came from), chances were likely that the senior Dalmatian would have been euthanized. When Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay (DRTB) heard Mason's story through his temporary owner, they stepped in to commit to giving him another chance for a quality life in his remaining years. Frank, a long-time DRTB volunteer, went to pick him up immediately and brought him home. The next morning, Mason was checked over by a veterinarian. Estimated between 10-12 years of age, he was a little arthritic and almost blind, with cataracts in both eyes. Everyone fell in love with Mason, a beautiful 60-pounds of spotted love. With help from a Grey Muzzle grant, Mason got the works: he received a general wellness treatment, had his nails trimmed, ears cleaned and vaccines updated. Then he was off to one of DRTB’s senior care-for-life homes where he is now living peacefully and happily with nine other senior Dalmatian, lovable old spots just like him. DRTB is grateful to Grey Muzzle for the support that allows them to help delightful old Dals like Mason!