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Close up of light brown dog with red leash
How we helped: 
Dental Expense Grant

Mango is eight-years-young and has spent four years of her life side-by-side with her best friend Jewel. Mango and Jewel were transferred to the Norfolk SPCA because, sadly, they were having difficulty getting adopted and getting adopted as a bonded pair due to their ages.

Mango had never received any dental care throughout her life and when she arrived at the shelter, she was in desperate need of a dental cleaning and teeth extractions. Her teeth were in really bad shape, hindering her ability to live a happy and pain-free life. Thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant, made possible by you, the Norfolk SPCA was able to give Mango the care she deserved and had gone without. By covering the cost of her procedure, our support and Norfolk SPCA's care allowed adopters to take Mango home without having to face an expensive dental bill.

Mango is an active and lively pup who enjoys cuddles and big comfy beds. She has so much love left to give and she finally found a wonderful forever home with her brother Jewel.

You have helped Mango and Jewel live out their golden years together. Here's how you can help more.

Mango and her brother Jewel going home