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Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Looking at her now, it's hard to believe that Magnificent Maggie, a senior German Shepherd rescued by German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption (GSRA) of North Carolina, was in bad shape when she was callously dumped at a shelter. But it was obvious no one had cared for her in a while. She was filthy and stinky, painfully thin with worn-down teeth, flea-infested, missing most of the fur on her rump and rear legs, and saddest of all, her spirit was nearly broken. When Maggie looked up with her soulful eyes, begging for a chance, GSRA took her in immediately, despite the odds of being adopted in her condition. After a full veterinary exam, Maggie (estimated to be 10 or 11 years old) was a candidate for the works, thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle. She received a full senior blood panel and X-rays to determine her general condition. Surprisingly, Maggie’s overall health was good. She was heartworm-negative, with no apparent abnormalities, and she had great hips! Her primary ailments proved to be a bad case of flea allergy dermatitis and secondary skin infections. After a couple months of good nutrition, antibiotics and skin treatments, Maggie started to look like a different dog. Her foster mom reported she had the most wonderful temperament. “It only took her a couple of days to come out of her shell and start interacting. She got the sparkle back in her eyes!” she says.

Enter Tina and Jon, a couple who had recently lost their beloved German Shepherd and were planning to adopt another eventually. Tina, a firm believer in “signs” thinks that destiny brought Maggie to them. When they saw pictures of this beautiful girl, it was love at first sight. Jon nicknamed her “My Magpie” before they even met her in person. Once that happened, they eagerly adopted her and brought her home. The couple is partial to senior dogs and they aimed to make Maggie’s remaining years her best ever. The next step was to buy her a beautiful handmade, bright pink collar with daisies on it and a crystal-studded name tag. Next came a new feeding station, state-of-the-art orthopedic beds, and a horde of tennis balls. After a week, Tina and Jon took Maggie to the vet for a wellness visit. Their vet was impressed at how beautifully Maggie had transitioned as he hugged her and whispered "You don't know it yet, but you just won the lottery!” Tina responded, “You got that right, it's all about our baby girl!”  

Today Maggie is pampered around the clock in her cozy home, her life enhanced with road trips to beaches and lakes, and every culinary treat she desires. In fact, she traveled like a champ on a recent trek to eight states in 10 days with Tina and Jon. She loves chicken nuggets, French fries and ice cream (shhhhh!) and has been known to get her favorite, tuna fish, added to her kibble at feeding time. Maggie quickly made friends with the neighborhood dogs and loves to play “monkey in the middle” with her dad when she chases her ball outdoors. Tina can’t say enough about how much they adore Maggie. “She brought true joy and laughter into our home and we are so blessed and glad that we listened to all the signs.” She sincerely thanks Grey Muzzle and GSRA for giving their "Magpie" the care she needed to make her well again and for entrusting her to them. “Rest assured, we will spoil her rotten for the rest of her days—She’ll want for nothing!”

Maggie "before"
Maggie Before






Magnificent Maggie now, with her pink collar
Maggie After in Pink Collar