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Lollie, the Shih Tzu, now deceased
We Remember
How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Lollie, a sweet and loving 10-year-old Shih Tzu, was bone-weary with horrendous multiple ailments when she was rescued from a shelter by Los Angeles-based Tails of the City Animal Rescue. Lollie's coat was severely matted, and she had numerous medical issues, including a broken jaw, an abscessed mouth, a thyroid condition, a bladder infection, and most menacingly, a brain tumor, which would eventually take her life. Tails of the City realized how badly she needed treatment and recognized her potential to become part of its senior permanent foster program.

The rescue group, with help from a Grey Muzzle grant, turned her life around with treatment for all her ailments, including a major dental extraction, and ongoing medications to prolong her life. Lollie was placed in a doting “forever foster” home, where she was spoiled with kindness and TLC. The little senior dog flourished in spite of her aches and pains. She enjoyed a soft bed, yummy treats, and daily walks for almost two years. Her last days were spent snuggled contentedly in her home. She passed away peacefully in her sleep last year, but not before bringing joy to many others.

Lollie is a shining example of Grey Muzzle’s commitment to the belief that elderly dogs contribute positively to our quality of life. They have much to teach us about patience, loyalty and unconditional love!