Johnny O

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Johnny O
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How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

It was very difficult for our Board Members to read the medical fund application for Johnny O. from Posh Pets in New York City. He was rescued by a policeman from some kids who were kicking him around in a paper bag in a parking lot. The policeman brought him to animal control where he was found to be crushed, shaking, and could not open his eyes or walk. Posh Pets, who is not afraid to take the difficult cases, took him to their vet for IV fluids and surgery (of course, he needed a dental and neutering on top of everything else).

We asked Linda at Posh Pets if Johnny O. would be a hospice care dog. "Oh, no," she responded, "he's going to be fine! When he sees the other dogs [in his foster home], his tail wags and he starts walking fast with them in the garden and sniffing them. He is going  to be just fine. When I picked him up from the vet, his eyes were wide open and clear, and he actually could be a little younger [than the 12 years originally estimated]. He can absolutely see again, and he just needs good home cooking and rest and love, and the other dogs in foster will get him being a dog again. Stay tuned!"

Sure enough, Linda told us a week later that Johnny O. is putting on weight, prancing around the garden, and jumping on the back of the foster parent's legs when he is ready to eat.

Yeah! We should all be so resilient at his relative age.

October 2009

Poor Johnny O. has passed away unexpectedly. Posh Pets says, "He was doing so well and then he just seemed to give up. Such a shame, but at least he knew love and happiness before the end of his life." We agree, sometimes that's the best we can do for the old ones that have just been through too much, but it's worth doing. Scamper over the Rainbow Bridge, little one.

Johnny O
After a few weeks