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Close up of Airedale Terrier
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Jet came to CT Humane as part of a collaboration with a local animal control partner who had seized him as part of an  investigation.

The big, fluffy senior boy was in pain – three of his nails were torn (and very sore!) and advanced dental disease made it tough to eat. His senior sister Roxxstar had come in, too – Lyme disease and thyroid issues were among the host of problems CT Humane’s veterinary team discovered.

Thanks to support from The Grey Muzzle Organization, a safety net was there to give all the initial treatment, diagnostics and spay/neuter needed for Jet and Roxxstar, uniting animal control, CHS and breed rescue to get these pups in the loving home they deserved.

And soon they were off on their next adventure - breed rescue - for placement with loving humans who knew their special needs and could provide lots of TLC to nurse them through their treatments and all the days after.