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How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Jersey is an 8-year-old American Bulldog who was rescued and released to the Cumberland County SPCA in New Jersey, along with her daughter (who was quickly adopted). Jersey promptly captured the hearts of everyone at the shelter. During her time at the SPCA, Grey Muzzle covered all of Jersey's medical care, including treatment and medication for an eye infection, skin infection, and kennel cough.

Though Jersey is easygoing and loving, she grew distressed in her kennel environment and the staff became concerned about her. Several times arrangements for placement with a foster family fell through, leaving the persevering staff looking for a suitable new home for Jersey.

Jersey on couchJust as they were starting to lose hope, an email arrived confirming a definite foster home. Just like that, they knew there was hope, and after the family drove to meet Jersey, they knew it was an ideal foster match!

Shortly thereafter, Jersey was enrolled in Penn Vet’s Shelter Canine Mammary Tumor program. She was spayed and had 16 tumors removed. The staff at Penn Vet also fell in love with the adorable senior. Dr. Erica Himmelreich developed a special interest in Jersey, taking extra steps to research head tremors, consulting with one of the neurologists to confirm or deny suspicions of Jersey’s head tremor, and to inquire about the necessity of further testing beyond the mammary tumor study.

Jersey PlayingJersey was able to become a jolly old girl who loves her family and delights in romping with her best canine pal, even out in the snow. Jersey is the perfect poster girl for the program, an advocate for many senior dogs in shelters. Following her recovery, her foster family was able to make her adoption official.

Grey Muzzle and organizations like Cumberland County SPCA are committed not only to saving lives, but making a difference and bringing joy to senior dogs and the lucky families who love and care for them in their precious golden years.

Jersey and her familyJersey couldn't be happier relaxing with her new family.