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Jane, a Golden Retriever, now deceased
We Remember
How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Jane was left with a neighbor when her humans decided to move to New Zealand. A year later, the neighbors were working long hours and Jane had to stay home alone for 10-12 hours--just too long for an old dog. Unable to deal with the messes, her new humans took her to the vet to be euthanized.

To their credit the veterinarians asked for some time to find a place Jane could go. They knew her and were sure she had a lot of love and life left to live. The calls made their way around the rescue network before finally coming to Joe Maringo at SPARRO/Shades of Grey Sanctuary. Joe reports that Jane fit right in immediately, is 15 years young, and is healthy and in good spirits. Grey Muzzle has paid for her vet visit and a complete set of tests show no issues. It looks like Jane has a wonderful life left to live with Joe!

July 2010 Update

Sadly, Jane has developed a lump in her mouth that is most likely an untreatable Osteosarcoma. Joe says, ”we will keep her comfortable for as long as she is happy and has a spark in her eyes.” How fortunate for Jane that she has SPARRO to watch over her and ensure she is happy for as long as she has.

August 2010 Update

We learned that when Jane quit eating, SPARRO let her go on her way to the Rainbow Bridge. This sweet face will surely be missed