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Hospice program grant

Jackie came to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) when her owner was moving and could not take Jackie along. She is a beagle mix and about nine years old, and even though she has quite a lot of health issues, you'd never know it if you met her. 

Sweet Jackie has an enlarged heart, lesions on her lungs (suspect cancer) and dilute urine which cannot be diagnosed at this time. Due to her lung and heart issues, ARL thought it best to match Jackie with a hospice foster home. The thing about Jackie, though, is she is not your typical hospice dog. She is VERY energetic and does not seem sick at all! Which is great, but due to her heart condition, her activity is still limited for her health.

Even though Jackie missed out on moving with her former owners, she is in a wonderful hospice foster family that has another senior dog and two kids aged nine and 12. The kids absolutely LOVE Jackie and she loves them too. Attached is a sweet photo of Jackie and her kiddos.

You can help more organizations like ARL build hospice care programs to ensure good, old dogs like Jackie, live out their final years in comfort.