Gen and Murphy

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Gen and Murphy
How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Genevieve (“Gen,” at right in photo) was a unique looking yellow Lab mix, with the ears and face of an angel, in need of immediate medical care when she was rescued by Cumberland County SPCA (CCSPCA) in New Jersey. Not long after, Murphy (L), another adorable yellow Lab mix appeared at CCSPCA. It was a mystery as to how they came upon hard times but both were in appalling condition—emaciated, matted, and heartworm-positive. Grey Muzzle stepped in to help with a grant for medical expenses for adoptable dogs, and Jill, a lovely lady who was already fostering other dogs from CCSPCA, agreed to take both Gen and Murphy. She worked patiently through the winter to revitalize and put weight on the dogs but it took quite a long time. They wore coats indoors and outdoors to prevent them from wasting energy keeping warm. Gen started gaining her weight back but Murphy struggled longer. Jill saw great improvement in both dogs after their heartworm treatment.

Along with their coloring, the two seniors (each approximately 9-10 years) had several things in common. Both dogs were hard of hearing, but were fast learners and responded to hand motions and waves. They both proved to have sweet, mellow temperaments and became excellent house dogs who quickly adapted to their new routine and they got along well with the other dogs and cats in the household. Gen turned into a lap dog when given the chance, and Murphy, always in his dog jacket, made many friends with his loving demeanor. As their health was restored, they were well on the way to new beginnings as they were selected to go up for adoption at CCSPCA. Thankfully, Murphy was adopted shortly after his posting. He now lives with a new owner, two small dogs (also rescues), and a cat. Gen was adopted within a month of posting. Now called “Missy,” she lives joyfully with a nice couple and another older dog. A very happy ending for two deserving seniors with much love to give, thanks to Grey Muzzle and CCSPCA!

Genevieve, now Missy!
Murphy Now
Murphy (now)
Murphy (before)