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Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Fenway was one of 11 homeless dogs rescued by the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) from a hoarding situation in Arkansas. Fenway, estimated at 9 years old, and a senior male were found in a junk-filled garage and were the oldest in the group dubbed “The ARK 11.” Her fur was matted and encrusted with feces and she suffered from severe ear infections. Though she was scared, she was truly a sweet senior lady.

After an evaluation, Marie, DVGRR's vet tech, and their veterinarians got to work. Fenway was given all the medical attention she needed including deworming, spay, extensive dental work, antibiotics for Lyme disease and a much-needed ear flush. She was given a proper diet, fish oil and joint supplements and a full-service spa day complete with bath, grooming and nail trim.

She was now ready to find her forever home.

About a month after her rescue, Fenway was adopted and now her life is nothing like the garage she once called home. Her adopted mom, also a senior at almost 80, has made it very clear that Fenway (now called "Julie") was heaven-sent and made just for her. They enjoy nice long walks together and take rides to visit family members in their local nursing home.

Julie is not only a loving companion, but has changed many lives and brings joy to all as her sweet soul and gentle disposition are as golden as she is. We are all thankful for her second chance at life!