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Brody, a yellow lab mix, now deceased
We Remember
How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Brody is a sweet, gentle guy of at least eight years. He was picked up as a stray by St. Louis Animal Control, where St. Louis Senior Dog Project found him. Brody's foster Mom said, "As soon as I brought him home, I could tell that he'd been someone's pet. He knew doorways, stairs, etcetera. He's also fully housebroken. He is getting along pretty well, but moves a little slowly, thanks to some arthritis in his hips."

A few weeks after coming to live in his new foster home, Brody was diagnosed with oral melanoma, without any real hope for treatment. The oncologist expects he has between one to three months left. Currently he is comfortable and enjoying life.

The St. Louis Senior Dog Project will give Brody a safe and happy home until the end of his life. Grey Muzzle pays Brody's medical expenses. We believe old dogs with even a short time left should be allowed to end their lives in a haven of comfort and peace. And love.

January 2009 Update

Brody's foster home contacted us: "I just wanted to let you know that Brody passed away tonight. He was a joy to have the few months that he was with us." Brody lived longer than expected and clearly received and gave happiness. He is a testament to our belief that every senior dog deserves to live out their golden years, months, weeks or even days in a place of love, security and peace.


Brody standing in a garden