Betty White

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How we helped: 
Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program

When 10-year-old Betty White arrived at Fulton County Animal Services (in GA), they were concerned she might not make it because she was so sick with a severe respiratory infection, heartworms and a heart murmur. She was depressed and lethargic. They asked our new grantee PAWS Atlanta to take her into their program and they agreed. 

Once at PAWS, she began treatment for all her ailments. She also received a dental. After her tune-up, Betty White started smiling again. She went into a short-term foster home, but ultimately had to go back to the shelter because she wasn't getting scooped up fast enough.

One day, a woman visited PAWS Atlanta interested in adopting another dog, but the meet and greet with her current dog didn't go well. This kind woman said that she would still like to help a dog in need and took home Betty White as a foster on the spot...not planning to adopt. But we all know how that goes. 

Betty White was in her new foster home for a few weeks when someone reached out to ask about possibly meeting and adopting her. At that moment, her foster mom realized she could not let her go and adopted her herself! And, the other couple was glad Betty White had found her forever home and adopted another dog!

Betty and her new family are very attached and bonded already. She has fit right in like she has always been there. In addition, Betty White's mom is also interested in continuing to foster dogs in the future, so Betty and crew will continue saving lives!

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