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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

A few months ago, Benny was found outside as a stray by an animal control officer. At ten-years-old and barely eight pounds, the pup shouldn’t have been fending for himself out on the streets. Especially in his condition—he had two complicated hernias that were threatening his life.

He came to the Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) when the city’s animal control officer discovered he needed extensive medical care for two life-threatening hernias. On a tight municipal budget, the city shelter would not be able to give Benny the critical veterinary attention he needed. CHS welcomed the pup and worked with both its in-house veterinary team and an outside specialist to make Benny well. Though an entire team was trying to make him feel better, Benny could be a grumpy guy. He was uncomfortable, and sometimes he didn’t want to leave his bed. 

Thanks to your support, Benny had his two surgeries and is on the mend. The first few days after each operation were rough…not much of an appetite, wearing the cone of shame, and trying to find a way to lay down with a tender, stitched-up back end. The medical team monitored him closely and offered a smorgasbord of snacks. He got lots of cushy blankets and a plush bed that he chose as his favorite.

Now that he’s feeling better, he runs over when someone comes to greet him. He’s a leaner too, when you pet his soft fur, and he does a bunny hop when he goes outside in the grass. Benny has done a total 180!

He’s still going for follow-up exams with the specialist and working on some other medical issues. Benny is on his way toward much brighter tomorrows—tomorrows that he’s getting because of caring people like YOU who believe in senior dogs!

Help more dogs like Benny with the medical care they desperately need.