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Medical Expense Grant

Elder Paws Senior Dog Foundation received a grant from Grey Muzzle for its “Pandora Fund” Pet Retention Program in September of 2016, with the goal of preventing dogs from being surrendered into the shelter system. This program has helped dogs like Bella. Bella is a sweet nine-year-old Pommie mix, a white fluff ball. Her owner is a senior on a fixed income and because she does not get out of the house much, Bella plays a major role as a friend and companion to her owner.

Last year Bella, who had always been vibrant and full of life, began to slow down a bit. Her owner also noticed that Bella was beginning to steadily gain weight, had trouble breathing at times and was more lethargic than usual. But the cost of a vet visit was just not financially possible. Bella’s owner did everything she could think of to take care of Bella herself, but Bella’s symptoms continued to worsen. Bella’s owner did not want to give up Bella, but she did not know how to get her the help she so desperately needed. Until Bella was referred to Elder Paws Senior Dog Foundation’s Pandora Fund for critical vet care.

Upon meeting Bella and her owner, it was very clear that these two shared a strong bond and adored one other - one would be miserable without the other. The Elder Paws team arranged a vet appointment for Bella where she received a comprehensive physical exam and a senior blood panel. Bella was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure with water around her heart, which was causing her symptoms. Upon hearing this news Bella’s owner broke down and cried in the vet’s office thinking that Bella was going to die very soon. The vet explained that with proper treatment to reduce further damage to the heart Bella’s life could be extended and her symptoms could be controlled. Bella was prescribed daily medication, as well as a sodium free diet.

Bella’s symptoms have been greatly relieved: she is breathing better now; her weight has stabilized; and she is much less lethargic. Bella and her owner are now able to continue to provide one another with an important source of unconditional love and companionship.

The last time the Elder Paws team visited Bella and her owner, Bella was looking very happy, her tail constantly in motion, and Bella’s owner gave a hug and stated: “Thank you for all you have done for my Bella and are an angel sent from God!”

Many thanks to our Grey Muzzle supporters for helping to save dogs like Bella.