Bandit and Brutus

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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Bandit and Brutus have been buds for a while. These 14-year-old boys are a bonded pair and were surrendered to a shelter in Wisconsin. The shelter asked Bob’s House for Dogs to take them in because these guys needed some serious medical attention. Luckily, Bob’s House had room in their program and monies from a Grey Muzzle grant to help best friends Bandit and Brutus.

They both had significant dental disease and oral fistulas (abscesses) that required surgery. The poor boys had food coming out of their noses when eating! Thanks to the caring staff and volunteers at Bob’s House and support from Grey Muzzle, Bandit and Brutus were fixed right up. They spent some time in foster care where they were able to recuperate and let their personalities shine. We’re happy to report that Bob’s House found the perfect home for Bandit and Brutus recently. Thanks for giving this dynamic duo a happy ending.