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Bandit Laying on the Floor
How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Rescued by Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio (AHDRO), the beguiling Bandit had lived outside among trash his entire life, his only shelter an overturned picnic table. When the 10-year-old tricolor rough Collie came to AHDRO he had a large scar down his back and a scar on his eyelid, amid other wounds and marks on his face and head. His coat was brittle and thinning and he was covered in fleas, burrs and mats, especially between his legs, which made it difficult to walk. He reportedly had only been vaccinated one time in his life. His overall physical condition was poor, with worn down teeth, filthy ears and a skeletal structure palpable through his thin coat. He weighed just 49 pounds.

The rejuvenation of Bandit began, and Grey Muzzle helped by providing a grant to cover general wellness veterinary expenses, including neutering, teeth-cleaning, skin and coat treatments, worming, vaccinations, heartworm preventative, supplements and an orthopedic bed. Bandit was a new dog, slowly beginning to blossom, when he was matched with a couple through AHDRO’s Senior-to-Senior program and went to live in a permanent foster home. Now he looks much better and is living the life he deserves, as his coat fills in along with his flesh. Despite his harsh background, Bandit has an indomitable spirit and a lot of energy and curiosity about the things around him. He had to learn how to be a pet who lives inside and now he follows his foster dad around like a little duckling! Bandit’s driving force is his obsession with finding the cats in the home. He doesn't harm them but makes sure he knows where they are at all times. His foster parents report that Bandit fits right in with the two-legged and four-legged members of their household!

Bandit's Before Photo
Bandit (before)
Bandit snow-gazing with his kitty pal
Bandit snow-gazing with his kitty pal