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How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for hospice/long term care

Last month we learned that 13-year-old Baby, a mini-dachshund, entered the hospice program at Central Texas Dachshund Rescue. CTDR says, "Baby came to us with her buddy after spending her entire life in the backyard of her home. Her family dumped Baby and a companion at a kill shelter when they found fleas on them! When we got her she didn't know how to be an "inside dog." She was hesitant to walk over a threshold or walk on carpet. She hadn't been socialized much and didn't know how to respond to a kind hand petting her. But time and patience has brought her around. 

"A routine check-up  found a small mass on one of her mammary glands. Since she also needed a dental, the decision was made to remove the lump at the same time and send it off for analysis. Pre-op blood work found that her liver was severely compromised, and the results on the tumor came back cancerous. The decision was made to make Baby a Hospice Care dog to ensure the she be given all the care that she needed for the rest of her life."

Hard to imagine such a tiny little dog all alone outside, but no more of that! CTDR says she has decided she likes the indoors, her warm fuzzy bed, the sun through the windows, and even laps. CTDR will make sure that she will live out her life loved and comfortable. Grey Muzzle has provided a grant to support the hospice program at CTDR for two years.

Update: December 2011

Sadly, Baby crossed the bridge after living her last months comfortably warm and cared for.