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Angel and Bam Bam

Angel and Bam Bam
At the shelter
How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Angel and Bam Bam, two 11-year-old Italian Greyhounds, were turned into a shelter when their former owner went into a nursing home. Shelter staff told St. Louis Senior Dog Project Rescue they were fading fast and becoming ill there. The rescue took them in (thank you!), and used their Grey Muzzle funding to treat the pair for kennel cough and take care of their rotten teeth. They recovered quickly, gained a little weight, and proved to be very friendly little dogs.  

Just a few weeks later, this elegant pair were adopted together. The lady who adopted them owns a yarn shop. Angel and Bam Bam go to work with her and are the official "greeters."

Angel and Bam Bam at home
At home