Always In My Heart

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This page is dedicated to the Grey Muzzle Always In My Heart campaign donors. During the year, our supporters celebrate the pets they have cherished by making a special "in memory of" donation to the Always In My Heart campaign.  A gift of $20 or more supports senior dogs nationwide who have become homeless when they are most in need.

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Always in My Heart Donors

Always in My Heart tributes are displayed with most recent tributes at the top.


Heather Johnson

For Oliver. I never knew your age but knowing you changed my entire life. You were wisest teacher and sweetest dog I ever knew.


Jean Haynes

In loving memory of Buffy, my senior shelter dog.

Cousin Beau

Maria and Chuck Gartland

In memory of Cousin Beau, Mickey's fun loving relative, who lived a good and long life. You were the top dog at your house and your big personality will never be forgotten.


Andy and Mary Mahan

In memory of Molly the Wonder Dog

Howie Berman

Laura and Harvey Berman

We knew when we took you home that we wouldn't have you for very long, but we wanted you to have a last name and to know you were very loved before you left us. Howie Berman, I hope it was the best 3 months of your life.

Bear Walker

JC and Renee Brace

In honor and memory of our sweet boy, Bear Walker.


Holly Hayes

Pete, you were always wagging your tail and everything and everyone who came in touch with you became familiar with the tail :) There is nothing like the love of a chocolate Lab! I will always cherish our memories. We will always love you Petey Boy.


Janice Zulkeski

Gracie, The Girl With The Twirl. When it thunders, I will know that it's you, twirling with the angels.


Judith Anderson

In memory of my beloved, Emily -- gone from me these past two years - missing her daily still brings tears to my eyes.


Melissa Peterson

In memory of LoJack, who was adopted at age 7 and gave us enough love for a lifetime.

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