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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Blanca is a nine-year-old adorable Maltese mix who served as the pilot dog for Young at Heart's Club Grand Paw program and successfully found a loving home with an 88 year old gentleman named Ray. After being turned down by shelter after shelter due to his own age, Ray was thrilled to be able to adopt from Young at Heart and once again have a furry companion to share his home with. Blanca was difficult to place as she liked peace and quiet and needed a home without children or other pets, so she was thrilled to find her perfect companion in Ray.

Young at Heart's Club Grand Paw™ takes a traditional senior-to-senior adoption program and enhances it dramatically by placing completely vetted senior dogs with senior citizens age 70 or older within a specific radius of Young at Heart, with guaranteed care and oversight of their adoption. Thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Blanca and Ray get the helping hand they need from trained volunteers that oversee their adoption long-term by helping them get to vet visits, grooming appointments, and to the pet store for food and treats. Ray lives independently, but no longer drives, and his family lives out of state. Club Grand Paw™ provides the safety net both Blanca and Ray need for a successful adoption, and should Ray no longer be able to care for Blanca, Young at Heart's Club Grand Paw™ ensures she comes right back to the safe keeping of Young at Heart.