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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Debby never intended to keep Hopie for more than a few days. He was given to her by a dear friend whose circumstances changed suddenly. She knew he needed a forever home and was just pondering what to do for him when she and her son took him to a field with a soccer ball. He chased the ball and played soccer with them. That clinched it: They had to keep the soccer dog!

Since becoming a part of Debby’s family, Hopie has never been sick or hurt until this past summer. He tore his ACL and she didn't know how or if she would be able to afford to help him. As a single mother, her budget is always impossibly tight. Luckily, the Humane Society of Western Montana (HSWM) has a program to help senior dogs stay with their families that is supported by The Grey Muzzle Organization. Thanks to financial aid from HSWM, Friends of the [municipal] Shelter and fundraising from family and friends, Debby had enough money to get Hopie his much-needed ACL repair surgery.

Debby says: Hopie's surgery went very well. He’s one-month post-op and he can put weight on his leg, and I am slowly increasing the length of his walks. He is VERY glad to get to go places again, as he was depressed sitting around the house all the time. Thank you for making this situation easier for us. I was able to buy groceries and go about my normal life without the worry of trying to figure out how to afford his surgery. He was not putting any weight on it at all during the weeks prior to surgery, so I know that his life would have been hard for many months while I tried to save money, if I'd not received the support that I did. As many people say about their dogs, Hopie is a part of my family. He brings my son and I friendship, laughs and comfort.

Thanks for helping Hopie and Debby stay together, healthy and happy.