Asheville Humane Society

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Asheville Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the compassionate treatment of animals in our community through education, sheltering and adoption.

Asheville Humane Society is the only open admission shelter in the County, the only one that can never, and will never, close its doors or say we're full.

They are here for animals who are lost, surrendered, neglected or mistreated, and who all deserve a chance with a loving family of their very own. They provide a soft bed, food, comfort, medical evaluation, medical treatment, vaccinations, and behavioral testing for each. They place all animals who can humanely and safely be adopted into a loving home. An incredibly dedicated staff, generous volunteers and donors ensure every animal is given all the care and resources available to help them thrive in a new forever home. All of their animals in the Adoption and Education Center stay with them until they find their new family, whether it takes them hours to get adopted or months.

In addition to caring for the animals who are brought to them, they also serve their community. They have numerous resources available to pets and their people in Buncombe County. From Lost & Found, to Low Cost Clinics, to Safety Net their goal is to keep pets in their homes where they are loved.

Funded in 2017
How we help: 

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization supports the Asheville Humane Society's Safety Net Program, which helps to keep dogs at home with their owners.

The Safety Net Program helps ensure that resources are available when a senior dog is at risk of losing their family and being surrendered to the shelter. The grant funds will enable AHS to help provide vouchers to be used for the extra medical and dental care often needed by senior animals.

Not only does assisting community senior dogs keep them out of the shelter system, it also means that the senior dogs already being cared for by AHS will move more quickly into an adoptive or hospice home.