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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Fospice boy Scupper is really living it up! Yes, you read that right...fospice. Our friends at Muttville have a wonderful program for dogs with untreatable terminal illnesses. It is called fospice, a combination of foster and hospice. Fospice means taking a dog into a home and giving him palliative care, love and a wonderful life until he passes. Thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Muttville covers palliative care costs for fospice dogs and offers support and guidance to fospice parents.

Scupper has been in fospice care since August 2016 and is doing very well. Here’s what his fospice parents have to say: "He is such a lovely addition to our family. He is loving and sweet and smart as a whip. He never ceases to amaze us. Even though Scupper is an older pup, completely blind and about 80% deaf, he learns quickly and loves to explore our yard. Within one week he learned how to use the doggie door. He scampers in and out of the house all day! He simply loves his independence and spends hours roaming the yard. Best of all he is great around kids and other dogs. Our friends all want to watch him.

He also really enjoys being held and actually jumps into our arms in the morning when we wake him up. He hugs us when we hold him - it’s so sweet. He loves walks but he is slow so we call his walks “sniffs” instead. One of his little quirks is his absolute crazy love for apples. We’ve never had a dog love apples so much. Very funny. We are very happy with the little guy and he seems to be happy with us too."