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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

When you look at Scooter’s sweet, dappled face, you just know that he is a special boy. He is a perfect example of how resilient senior dogs can be. At 13, Scooter came into rescue with Kitty and K-9 Connection when his owner was no longer able to care for him, due to her own health issues. A sad situation for them both, but actually a good thing for Scooter so that he could get the medical care he so desperately needed.

Scooter had terrible teeth and scary heart issues too. He went to live at a foster home where - surprise! - he had five other Doxie foster siblings, and he was in heaven. He is playful and active and really enjoys being with his foster mates. While in foster care, he took his prescribed heart medication, antibiotics and ate a special heart-healthy diet. Three months later, his heart was healthy enough to undergo anesthesia for his dental. Poor guy lost all but two teeth! 

Without his infected teeth, Scooter's overall health improved substantially. Thanks to the Grey Muzzle grant, this amazing little guy had the dental care he really needed which helped save his life and improved his quality of life too.

Scooter’s happy attitude never wavered, even when he wasn't the healthiest. He loves everyone - kids, other dogs, even cats! He enjoys playing and flies through the house as if he believes he has wings.  He’s the best "welcome home" dog ever, wiggling all over with excitement, so happy to see you, no matter who you are. Thank you for supporting Grey Muzzle and giving Scooter a second chance. Enjoy these photos of him living his best life.  


Just relaxing
Scooter loves toys
Snuggling in because winter is cold