Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue Organization

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The Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue Organization (MAESSR) is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing Springers. MAESSR is active primarily in PA, DE, NJ, MD, VA, WV, NC, NY, and the District of Columbia. However, when it comes to rescuing English Springer Spaniels, there are no borders as they will go anywhere, anytime, to save a Springer.  MAESSR is committed to providing excellent medical and dental treatment and foster care for Springers, while screening potential homes interested in adopting. Their primary goals are to protect English Springer Spaniels, encourage rescue, promote spay/neuter programs, and educate the public about the joys of English Springer Spaniels of all ages. 

Funded in 2019
How we help: 

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will make it possible for the Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue Organization (MAESSR) to provide a Seniors for Seniors adoption program that enables adults age 60+ to experience the joys of adopting wonderful senior dogs. Funding from this grant will allow MAESSR to pay for canine screenings and needed medical and dental treatment upon rescue, supplement reduced adoption fees, and place a significant number of senior springers (age 9+) in loving forever homes with ongoing support and resources. This grant will help dogs like Warlord who arrived at MAESSR as a senior dog in poor health after having been used to sire many litters of puppies. At nine years old, Warlord’s medical exam indicated neglected health and dental care; many teeth were rotted to the root, while others were broken and almost falling out of his mouth. Thanks to MAESSR, Warlord received all the care he had gone without and is a candidate for the Seniors for Seniors adoption program. 

Black and white English Springer Spaniel