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Best Senior Dog Food: Key Ingredients to Look For

As your dog gets older, you want to make sure that you are making choices that will make their life as enjoyable as possible, including choosing the right food. There are more dog food options available than ever before, including many that are for “senior” dogs. What makes a dog a senior citizen? It can vary based on breed or size, with larger dogs being considered senior at 6-9 years, and small dogs not reaching that milestone until their early teens.

Appoint by Debra A. Vey Voda-Hamilton

In our initial discussion of navigating the journey your pets take if you cannot care for them we talked about creating a MAAP (Make a plan, Address needs, Appoint caregivers, Publish plan). This MAAP will help others care for your pets in the way you intended. People think the only time they need a plan for their pet’s care is when they die. I thought so too until I broke my ankle. I had no plan in place to help my family care for my pets and me. This experience spurred me to write the initial MAAP program. Pet owners need a MAAP plan to cover their animal’s care if they are sick or injured.

MAAP—Address the needs of your pet by Debra A. Vey Voda-Hamilton

The previous article introduced you to the concept of making a plan for the care of your pet. In that article you were encouraged to: Address your pet’s uniqueness. List their identifying characteristics including color, sex, age, and microchip number, if applicable. This information will be invaluable to those left to care for your family companions. The MAAP outline (Make a plan, Address needs, Appoint caregivers, Publish plan) you create should cover their eating habits and personality traits. By creating this document you enable the person caring for your pet to know its common behavior. It seamlessly allows someone to step into your shoes.

The Dogs of Olde: Notable Dogs in History by Katie Kapro

Most of us, whether we’ll admit it in a public forum or not, think our dogs deserve to be famous—either for their weirdness, their cute expressions, their loyalty, or their funny habits. (Thus, internet sensations like the aww subreddit). Add that to the fact that their quirks only increase with age and become more endearing to our oh-so susceptible hearts, and we’re putty in their paws. They are celebrities in our eyes. In honor of our unsung heroes—the ones staring over your laptop right now or barking at the meerkats on TV—let us celebrate some of the qualities that have catapulted other...

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