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Grey Matters Blog celebrates senior dogs and provides a resource for the people who care for them. It draws upon the wealth of knowledge and experience with senior dogs offered by The Grey Muzzle Organization community. Our contributors will share articles on senior dog care, as well as relevant news, success stories from our grantee organizations, and more. 

How to Teach Your Dog to Watch DOGTV

Small brown dog sitting on a couch.
The way dogs watch television is different than the way humans do. When we sit down to watch a program, and it’s one we like, our attention is raptly held by the images on the screen as well as the story unfolding before us. Our dogs benefit from the audio visual programming that DOGTV provides, but he may not curl up on the couch and stare at the screen.

Conquer Dog Nail Trims With Confidence: Take Dr. Buzby's online course to master dog nail trims without fear and support senior dogs along the way

This is an excerpt from Dr. Buzby’s DIY Dog Master Course: Nail Trimming Without Fear , a blog post on the Pet Safety Crusader TM website. It has been republished with permission and for exclusive use by Grey Muzzle. The original article may be found here .

Omega 3s and Your Senior Dog by Denise Fleck

The purpose and intent of the information presented in this article is to encourage thought and discussion among pet caregivers and their veterinarians about the benefits of fish oil. Grey Muzzle is inspired by Fiona's story and her dedication to Rosie's health, but in no way is endorsing or recommending the Newflands product. It is simply highlighted to tell a heart-warming story of the love we feel for our senior dogs and showcase how some fish oil products may be beneficial to senior dog health.

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