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Getting to Know Your Senior Dog from Head-to-Tail

Dog Check Our dogs can't tell us when something is wrong. By getting to know your furry best friend from head-to-tail, you can more readily detect a problem early and intervene. In this webinar , Denise Fleck, The Pet Safety Crusader and Grey Muzzle's Board President, provides step-by-step instructions to perform an at-home examination of your dog.

Old Dog, New Tricks! Brain Games through Enrichment and Training

Small Dog with Puzzle
Dogs of all ages need mental stimulation to feel their best, and senior dogs are no exception. Age-appropriate activities such as puzzle toys, scent games, and teaching gentle tricks can keep your grey-muzzled friend happy, healthy, and thriving in their golden years. In this webinar , Sydney Queen, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, discusses enrichment and training modifications and alternatives for senior dogs.

Food Safety for Senior Dogs and Choking Tips

Dog with Carrots
Senior dogs are part of the family and some of the beings we are most grateful to have in our lives. As we move through fall and into Thanksgiving, unique foods and spices may be added to our diets. Denise Fleck, The Pet Safety Crusader, shares which of these autumn favorites are safe for the whole family (including Fido) and which are potentially hazardous, meaning you could end up at the emergency vet if ingested.

Shamrock’s Story: What my dog taught me about the signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Shamrock in Window
F. Barish-Stern’s most recent book, “ Shamrock’s Story, From Hurricane Katrina to Doggy Dementia and Alzheimer’s ,” combines her personal experience and love of dogs with input from more than 50 experts she interviewed. By knitting together their guidance with the story of one rescued dog's journey through the stages of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, she hopes the book and this article will help other senior dogs and the people who love them.

Understanding the Personalities of Aging Dogs with Traditional Chinese Medicine's 5 Element Theory

Old Golden
The Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a fun and helpful tool for understanding your Old Dogs' personality, needs, and wants. It will also cue you into specific behaviors and possible maladies that your elder dogs may display. As you learn more, you will never look at things the same way.

Pampered Pets USA Bakes Up Wholesome Good for Senior Dogs

Pampered Pets Collection
Who wants a treat? Not me – said no one ever. Grey Muzzle's answer was a resounding WE DO when presented the opportunity to bake up good for at-risk senior dogs with Pampered Pets USA , a renowned leader in the pet treat industry. Supporters that share in our vision and mission are a critical element in our recipe for leading change on a national stage for at-risk senior dogs. Starting Pampered Pets USA from scratch, founder Nancy Volin knows a thing or two about partnering for success, which is why we are thrilled that Pampered Pets USA is a Rock Star sponsor of Senior Dogs Rock! We asked her to share a few thoughts on what it means to be serving up good with Grey Muzzle.

DogGoods is Doing Good for Senior Pups in Need

Grey Muzzle is excited to team up with DogGoods Do Good and founder Kyle as a Rock Star sponsor for our second annual national online auction -- Senior Dogs Rock! Dogs and the welfare of our furry friends are the foundation upon which DogGoods was built, and DogGoods' enthusiastic support touched us. We love knowing the stories behind why supporters join us to ensure senior dogs take center stage and are celebrated as the stars they are. Kyle gives us a glimpse into why DogGoods chose to do even more good for older dogs in need.

Three Easy Gentle Techniques for Livening Up Your Old Friend

Paw In Hand
There are many gentle therapies we can provide to senior dogs to make them more comfortable, strengthen weak limbs, and help guide the process of aging instead of reacting to it. A well-intentioned touch goes a long way towards creating comfort and vitality. With a bit of navigation, you can use these simple acupressure and neuro-lymphatic techniques to enrich your old dogs’ lives and your own as you gently create harmony in their aging bodies.

Keeping Senior Dogs in Shape: How to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Wolfgang Before and After
PEOPLE magazine took notice of senior beagle Wolfgang's journey from obesity to 5K ready, and so did we! Phoenix couple Erin McManis and Chad Schatz are passionate about helping dogs live their best, healthiest lives. In this blog, Erin shares the remarkable story of how they helped Wolfgang, and other dogs in need of major weight loss, reach their goals and become happier, healthier companions.

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