Sample Programs

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Below are some example program categories for which we will accept a Letter of Interest. Please don't limit yourself to this list; we would like to hear your program ideas as long as they meet our eligibility requirements and promote our values

  • Create or help expand foster programs in shelters, specifically focused on getting senior dogs out of cement kennels and into homes.
  • A program to help owners keep senior dogs with them. Such a program would address the issue of owners turning in their old dogs to shelters simply because they cannot afford them in the current economic climate.
  • Medical care and other programs that increase the potential for senior dogs to be adopted from shelters.
  • Medical expenses for in-home, short-term hospice care for senior dogs rescued from a shelter and unlikely to live more than a few days, weeks, or months. We want to give these dogs a chance to live their final days in a place of love, security and peace.
  • Long-term, in-home care program for senior dogs who are not adoptable.
  • A program to help people find new homes for senior dogs when they can no longer keep them.   In particular, working with senior humans who must give up their senior dogs due to a change in circumstances, such as moving to assisted living.
  • Helping senior dogs give back to society; for example, training senior dogs as therapy dogs or getting senior dogs involved with assisted care facilities.
  • Building a Seniors-for-Seniors adoption program.
Also, please visit Who We Help to review currently funded programs supported by Grey Muzzle to learn from other programs helping senior dogs.