Max’s Helping Paws Foundation

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Founded in 2016, Max’s Helping Paws provides financial lifelines to low-income, Monterey County residents whose pets are facing a health crisis. Their mission is to reduce surrender, suffering, and euthanasia that often result from a pet guardian’s inability to afford needed veterinary care. Max’s Helping Paws aims to reduce the fear and stress of getting urgent, unplanned veterinary care, giving families and pets a second chance at life and love.

Funded in 2022
How we help: 

Funds from Grey Muzzle will support Max’s Get ‘Em to the Vet program. This program provides dog owners up to $500 in immediate funding paid to the veterinary practice so their pet can be quickly evaluated and treated. The Grey Muzzle grant will provide hope and help to senior dogs in a health emergency.

Cali Max's Helping Paws