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The Grey Muzzle Organization provides funding for senior dog programs nationwide. Here you'll find a list of the organizations that have received Grey Muzzle funding. Please contact these organizations if you are considering adopting a senior dog, fostering, or volunteering.

Grey Muzzle Grant Recipients

Grant recipients include:

Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Inc.

Funded from 2014 - 2015

How we help

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help with their “Senior Pets for Senior People” program. This program will pay the total adoption costs for the senior dog to include; a collar, leash, free pet food, identification tags, a coat and gift package of pet items and a packet of information and referral for assistance with the senior pet.

About Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Inc.

Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Incorporated is an organization designed to save from destruction those usually older pets that have become hard to place because of their age or disabilities. These once great pets and friends are no longer wanted by the general population. We strive to give them a warm, comfortable home and try to place them with a new family that will have the ability and desire to care for such an animal. We will strive to maintain comfortable surroundings for those animals that cannot be placed to insure they are able to live out their natural life.

Learn more about Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Inc.

Main Line Animal Rescue

Funded from 2016 - 2017

How we help

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps MLAR with their medical expenses for senior dogs, both in their rescue and in their Medical Foster program.

MLAR is fortunate that they have an onsite veterinarian and a well-equipped clinic to perform most of what is needed for these special animals in-house, such as dental exams and extractions, biopsies, mass removals and orthopedic meds and blood/lab work. Female dogs that come to them from the puppy mills all need to be spayed and require additional care because of the deterioration of their organs because of countless pregnancies. 

Read how your donations are making a difference here: 


About Main Line Animal Rescue

Main Line Animal Rescue specializes in the rescue and placement of abused, unwanted and abandoned companion animals. MLAR works to raise the public’s awareness of the plight of homeless animals as well as realizing the benefits of adopting an animal in need. Animals are examined, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and receive any and all medical treatment before they are placed in carefully screened homes.

Main Line Animal Rescue is nationally recognized as a leader in the fight against puppy mill abuse. Their 2008 billboard in Chicago led to Oprah Winfrey’s award winning expose on puppy mills and featured their undercover investigation with acclaimed journalist Lisa Ling. Their efforts with Newsweek led to Whole Foods Markets issuing a directive to all their suppliers: they would no longer source any products from farmers also operating puppy mills. 

Learn more about Main Line Animal Rescue
Max, the Mastiff, now deceased Max

Mastiff Rescue of Florida

Funded from 2014 - 2015

How we help

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps with the "Oldies but Goodies" program to provide medical care for adoptable dogs.  Senior dogs can arrive into their rescue as owner surrenders, abandonment, abuse, puppy mill seizures, shelter drops, etc. and all require medical work up and heartworm prevention - many require medical treatments.

All rescued senior dogs live in a safe loving environment with MRF dedicated fosters. One volunteer states all dogs should “die in the arms of love with fried chicken on their breath.”

About Mastiff Rescue of Florida

Mastiff Rescue of Florida, Inc.(MRF) was formed to help provide needy mastiffs with a second chance for a home and family.  MRF strives to prevent cruelty to Mastiffs and to place cruelty cases, stray or abandoned Mastiffs in adoptive homes which will provide a high level of care. We may also assist Mastiff owners who can no longer provide a home for their dog. We are an all volunteer rescue that works to find forever homes and to educate the public about these gentle giants.

Learn more about Mastiff Rescue of Florida

Monroe County Friends of Animals

Funded in 2015

How we help

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps to fund the “Second Chance Pals” program.  This program seeks to find foster or other temporary care for senior dogs until a forever home can be found.  All illnesses and injuries are treated except for the medically untreatable.  The program’s future goals are to provide educational material for the community about the benefits of adopting an adult pet and to provide assistance to existing pet owners to help find solutions to keeping their family pet in their home.  

About Monroe County Friends of Animals

Monroe County Friends of Animals (MCFA) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization located in Monroe County, Tennessee. This group was created in 2004 by concerned citizens who recognized a dire need existing throughout the county for animal welfare. They consulted with the County's governing body and entered into negotiations with the Monroe County government. This led to the formation of a county-run animal shelter, which was approved by a narrow commission vote at the end of 2004. The main thrust of MCFA's mission is to support the Monroe County Animal Shelter both monetarily in animal rescue efforts and with hands-on assistance in the shelter. In addition MCFA provides other community services through its volunteers' network. 

Learn more about Monroe County Friends of Animals
Fella, a terrier mix Fella


Funded from 2008 – 2016

How we help

Grey Muzzle provides funding for 6-12 dogs in Muttville's Seniors-for-Seniors adoption program, a program which unites senior citizens with senior companion dogs like Fella. Senior dogs make great companions for elderly people, and we hope to support more of these programs that help senior dogs give back.

About Muttville

Muttville in San Francisco reaches out to seniors and special needs rescue dogs to find suitable homes for those dogs that are adoptable, and offers end-of-life care for those who are not adoptable.

Learn more about Muttville
Tri color beagle with mouth open sitting among branches and green leaves Rosey

National Mill Dog Rescue

Funded from 2016 - 2017

How we help

Funding provided by a Grey Muzzle grant helps with the considerable medical expenses faced in treating and rehabilitating dogs from puppy mill environments.  Most dogs in puppy mills have received minimal or nonexistent veterinary care.  

Read how your donations are making a difference here: 


About National Mill Dog Rescue

To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome discarded breeding dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry. 

Learn more about National Mill Dog Rescue

Nevada Humane Society

Funded from 2012 - 2015

How we help

Grey Muzzle's grant will assist the Seniors-for-Seniors Pet Adoption Program which matches older dogs with senior citizens, therefore saving the lives of older dogs that are traditionally overlooked in shelters.

About Nevada Humane Society

As a no-kill animal welfare organization, Nevada Humane Society’s mission is to find homes and provide shelter care for homeless animals. This non-profit organization is dependent upon grants and donations and does not receive funds from government agencies or any national animal welfare groups.

Learn more about Nevada Humane Society
Husky mix standing in grass with mouth open. Nobel


Funded in 2018

How we help

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help with medical needs and care of senior dogs rescued by NMDOG like Nobel (pictured). Nobel was chained to a tree for 10 years and needed significant veterinary care, grooming and behavioral rehabilitation after his rescue. 


NMDOG is an in-the-trenches rescue serving the chained, the abused and the forgotten dogs of New Mexico. This all-volunteer, foster-based rescue was established in 2010 and has saved thousands of dogs’ lives over its seven-year history. Through their website and active presence on social media, NMDOG details the pursuit of their core goals: rescue, rehabilitation and education across the state of New Mexico.

Learn more about NMDOG, INC
Brown and white boxer with grey around muzzle sitting facing camera. Background is a darker brown. Hildy

NorCal Boxer Rescue

How we help

Grey Muzzle funding will help launch a senior foster recruitment campaign to support NorCal Boxer Rescue's new Wizened Wiggle Butts Program for senior boxers.

About NorCal Boxer Rescue

NorCal Boxer Rescue is an entirely volunteer-operated, foster-based rescue providing a temporary sanctuary for boxers in need throughout Northern California. They prioritize the most vulnerable dogs, including those who are old, ill, injured, or housed at the shelters where the risk of euthanasia is the greatest. At a minimum, they provide each rescued dog with veterinary care, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, a microchip, a temporary foster home at a private residence, lots of love, and placement into a carefully screened forever home.

Learn more about NorCal Boxer Rescue
Beagle with grey muzzle sitting in grass Snickers

Norfolk Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Norfolk SPCA)

Funded in 2018

How we help

Thanks to the support of The Grey Muzzle Organization, the Norfolk SPCA’s Senior Dog Dental Program will provide dental exams and cleaning for senior dogs awaiting adoption. Potential adopters often overlook senior dogs and prefer to adopt young puppies because of perceived high healthcare costs and medical needs. These senior dogs still have a lot of love and companionship to give. The Norfolk SPCA will use Grey Muzzle’s $5,000 in grant funding to provide dental services to 50 senior pets and help increase their likelihood of finding their forever family.

About Norfolk Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Norfolk SPCA)

Established in 1892, the Norfolk SPCA is one of the oldest animal welfare organizations in the country. The SPCA shelters, treats, rehabilitates, and rehomes household companion animals from throughout the Norfolk-Virginia Beach region and gives them the extra time and care needed to find a forever home. Our no-kill adoption center finds new homes for 1,000 homeless dogs and cats each year. The Norfolk SPCA’s affordable veterinary clinic is open to the public with no residency or income restrictions, and provides spay/neuter surgeries, exams, dentistry, orthopedics, heartworm treatments, and a walk-in vaccine clinic.

Learn more about Norfolk Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Norfolk SPCA)

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