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The Grey Muzzle Organization provides funding for senior dog programs nationwide. Here you'll find a list of the organizations that have received Grey Muzzle funding. Please contact these organizations if you are considering adopting a senior dog, fostering, or volunteering.

Grey Muzzle Grant Recipients

Grant recipients include:

The Humane Society of Charles County

Funded in 2017

How we help

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps The Humane Society of Charles County with an extension to their Honey's Fund for senior dogs.

Many animals are admitted to the local shelter because the medical expenses are too high, the medical issues are chronic (often the case in senior animals), the owner does not have the time/experience to treat the animal, or the animal is Stray and does not have an owner to provide the necessary care. When this happens HSCC's Honey's Fund, a limited pool of money for medical treatment, can be used. Grey Muzzle grant funding would be used to expand Honey's Fund, going that extra mile for senior dogs who need support to live out their golden years.

About The Humane Society of Charles County

The Humane Society of Charles County started in 1978 with the single objective to rescue dogs and cats hit by cars. Their services have greatly expanded over the years and they now offer shelter and care for homeless, injured and neglected animals, as well as adoption services, fostering, community partnerships, humane education, no-to-low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine services, and affordable well-pet veterinary services.

Learn more about The Humane Society of Charles County
Small black and tan dog with a red bandana around her neck and tongue sticking out standing in front of an american flag. Duchess

The Kentucky Humane Society

Funded from 2014 - 2017

How we help

The Kentucky Humane Society ("KHS") receives funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization for its 'Help Me Heal' Fund to assist in the medical diagnosis, treatment and advanced behavior help for senior pets.

Many pets arrive at KHS with broken spirits or bodies.  Some come to KHS in pain from untreated illness, disease or traumatic accidents.  Some exhibit behavior issues such as fear or anxiety.  Others have been physically or emotionally harmed by humans.  To help our most fragile pets, KHS has a special donor-supported, restricted fund called the Help Me Heal Fund.  This mission of this fund is to heal the bodies and spirits of our neediest pets – those who require medical diagnosis and treatment or advanced behavior help before they can be adopted.

About The Kentucky Humane Society

As a private, non-profit animal welfare agency, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) finds loving homes for more than 6,000 cats and dogs a year at their 9 adoption locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana. They also spay or neuter more than 11,000 local cats and dogs a year - helping reduce the number of unwanted pets.

KHS is an ASPCA Community Partner and a Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network Partner. 

Learn more about The Kentucky Humane Society
JJ, a beautiful white Aussie/Husky mix J.J.

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

Funded from 2008 - 2015

How we help

Grey Muzzle supports the senior therapy dog program at The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. We pay medical expenses for dogs who have passed their therapy dog exam, and help The Sanctuary expand this important program that shows us how much old dogs have to give.

About The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs rescues senior dogs abandoned in shelters and pounds; provides lifelong care for rescued senior dogs; adopts appropriate dogs into loving, permanent homes; develops programs that match senior dogs and senior people to their mutual benefit; fosters an awareness of our lifelong responsibility to our companion animals; and strengthens the bond between humans and animals by teaching respect and compassion for all living things.

Learn more about The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

The Shade Tree

Funded in 2016

How we help

Grey Muzzle funding helps with the medical/dental care for the senior pets at Noah's Animal House.  Noah’s is designed to house the pets of women and families who are fleeing abuse or escaping homelessness. For these fragile and distressed clients, the human and animal bond is a vital source of strength and the necessary motivation to make the difficult changes involved in crafting a new life. In domestic violence situations, a safe haven for pets is even more important. Abusers often injure these innocent animals as a means of control. Commonly, women will not leave an abuser until they are certain their pets will be safe.

About The Shade Tree

The Shade Tree is a shelter for homeless and abused women and children in crisis. TST has been serving the needs of homeless and abused women and children in Southern Nevada since 1990. Noah's Animal House is a pet sanctuary on the campus of TST.

Learn more about The Shade Tree
Small chihuahua in a green harness laying on his back in the grass. Frankie

Tyson's Place Animal Rescue

Funded from 2016 - 2017

How we help

Grey Muzzle Funding helps Tyson’s Place pay for dental and medical costs for senior dogs.  

The average age of a dog surrendered to Tyson’s Place is 10.5 years old.  Since they assist terminally ill people, they face unique challenges in regard to veterinary care. Many of the original pet owners are ill or elderly and face a variety of medical, financial, and personal challenges, meaning vet care for the animals has often not been a priority. As a result, they encounter animals that haven't seen a veterinarian in years, which for an older animal means critical health care issues go undiagnosed and untreated.

About Tyson's Place Animal Rescue

Tyson's Place Animal Rescue is dedicated to assisting terminally ill people with caring for and finding new families for their pets.

They assist people receiving hospice care by doing basic pet care duties, such as cleaning litter boxes and walking dogs, so that the pet can remain with the owner for as long as possible. They also set up a plan for the pet after the owner has passed away. If no one in the family is taking the animal, Tyson's Place Animal Rescue will arrange to have the pet live in a foster home until adopted.

Learn more about Tyson's Place Animal Rescue

Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc.

Funded in 2015

How we help

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps with their Hospice/Forever Foster Program.  The goal with this program is to provide compassionate care to senior dogs with life-limiting illness or disease including, but not limited to:  cancer, kidney failure, arthritis, diabetes, Cushing’s, heart disease, periodontal disease, blindness and incontinence.  They provide:  pain management, chemo/radiation, sub q fluids, supplemental nutrition, holistic meals, medical and dental surgery, medication, acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy, massage, radiographs and ultrasound, ER visits; and a loving and safe environment to live out their final days, months or years.

About Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc.

Vintage Paws is a sanctuary where senior dogs, regardless of their health, can live out their lives.  They generally accept dogs that are nine years and older, regardless of the breed.  All dogs can be adopted but many are not due to advanced age and/or illness.  The Sanctuary limits the intake based on space and financial constraints – we care until the end, no matter what.

Learn more about Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc.
Black and white toy poodle Henry

Virginia Beach SPCA

Funded from 2009 - 2015 and 2017

How we help

The Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA) has received grants from Grey Muzzle for medical care for adoptable dogs and their HOPE program. The HOPE program was launched in October 2008 to help pet owners with pet food and veterinary expenses so that owners could keep their pets instead of relinquishing them to a shelter. Grey Muzzle helps with expenses for senior dog owners, which includes over 75% of the applicants to the program.

About Virginia Beach SPCA

VBSPCA, created in 1966, is a private nonprofit humane society that takes in almost 4,000 homeless domestic animals and nearly 2,200 wildlife animals each year, and is dedicated to finding homes for all adoptable animals. Through their medical clinic and mobile Neuter Scooter, they also provide spay/neuter and other veterinary services to the public. Their mission is to create a more humane and responsible community by increasing our capacity for compassion while decreasing our tolerance for cruelty.

Learn more about Virginia Beach SPCA

Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Inc.

Funded in 2015

How we help

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps with their Senior Adoption Program - a concerted effort by the VGSR volunteers to make the adopting public aware of the benefits of owning a senior dog – and their Wards of Rescue expenses. Wards of the Rescue are those senior dogs who will never be adopted, as they are too ill or have too many behavioral issues to transition to adoptive homes. These dogs live out their lives in loving foster homes.

About Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Inc.

Virginia German Shepherd Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of the German Shepherd Dog. They provide a safe haven for German Shepherds (and, sometimes, other breeds/mixes) who are left in shelters to await uncertain fate; are owner surrenders (moving, illness, divorce, death, etc.); or are victims of abuse or neglect. They adopt dogs to loving, responsible and secure homes, typically, in Virginia and the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., area.

Learn more about Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Inc.

Washington Humane Society

Funded from 2011 - 2015

How we help

Grey Muzzle helps to fund the Senior Companions program at WHS, which treats medical needs of senior animals and provides them care either in foster homes or temporarily at the shelter until they are adopted.

About Washington Humane Society

Since 1870, the Washington Humane Society has been the National Capital area’s leading voice of compassion for pets and wildlife. They operate the only open-access shelter in the District.

Learn more about Washington Humane Society

Watauga Humane Society

Funded in 2017

How we help

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps Watauga Humane Society with the senior dog portion of their Adoption Boosters program, including preventative care, medical care, spay/neuter, food, fee waivers, reduced adoption fees, senior discounts, and regular double discounts on senior pets for senior citizens.

By providing a thorough wellness assessment, blood work, local spay/neuter surgery, dental cleaning and extractions, special food appropriate for the individual dog size, weight, and condition, and sometimes minor surgeries like removal of a cherry eye, they are able to help the dog and alleviate the public's concerns. When senior dogs look and feel their best, their health needs are addressed, and they can speak knowledgeably with the public about the dog, seniors are just as adoptable as any other dog. And, best of all, the adopter goes home ready to enjoy their dog, confident of the dog's condition, and any dietary needs addressed. This reduces "adopters remorse" and subsequent returns and decreases length of stay.

About Watauga Humane Society

The mission of the Watauga Humane Society is to provide the following:

  • A well-equipped and appropriately staffed facility where the citizens of Watauga County can bring unwanted and abandoned animals;
  • Relief of suffering among animals;
  • Provisions for food, shelter, medical care, and love to homeless animals while they await permanent homes;
  • Assistance with control of unwanted animals by offering low-cost spay/neuter services;
  • Education to the public about responsible animal ownership and care.
Learn more about Watauga Humane Society

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