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How we helped: 
Senior Dog Adoption Grant

Tommy is a 10-year-old poodle who is visually impaired and partially deaf. He ended up at the Maricopa County shelter (in AZ) as his owner could no longer care for him. Knowing Tommy might need a little extra help finding a forever home, our new grantee Home Fur Good Animal Rescue and Placement took him into their program at once.

When Tommy came to Home Fur Good, he was immediately taken to the groomer as his coat was so matted they had a hard time telling how big he was. Completely shaved and feeling better, he wasn't very big at all! Tommy also had horrible doggie breath and a mouthful of rotten teeth that needed to be dealt with. He was given a dental cleaning and antibiotics and, in addition, had a senior blood panel. Despite his challenges, Tommy proved to be a feisty yet loving little guy! He became a volunteer favorite. When his fur grew back he looked like an adorable snow ball. However, potential adopters showed interest in him but shied away from the commitment of taking an older, blind and partially deaf dog.

Grey Muzzle's grant allowed Home Fur Good to market Tommy as available for long term/permanent foster where Home Fur Good would remain responsible for his medical needs but a foster family would provide a loving, stable home for him. Tommy was soon placed in permanent foster with a family that had another senior dog. Tommy's new mom reports that he quickly settled in and that he is now "king of the house!"

Thanks for helping seniors like Tommy get the extra help they need to spend their golden years in loving homes.