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Rottweiler Storm with tennis ball
How we helped: 
Innovative Senior Dog Program Grant

Storm was found alone, hiding under a building in the midst of a heat wave and terrible lightning storm. He was suffering from heat stroke and unable to muster the strength to even stand up. His face and thin body said it all–he was sad, matted, and drenched to the bone. When his rescuers found him, he immediately drank all the water he could, searching for more.

Storm was taken into the care of Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI) and rushed to a local animal hospital. He was found to have a host of medical issues, including an enlarged prostate (from never being neutered), a tumor under his tail, an infection in his eye, matted fur, an enlarged kidney, low muscle tone and blood on his hind end. His back paw had abrasions, so it appears he was dragging his leg behind him, scraping the hot concrete, as he attempted to get around in the severe heat. Storm was treated in the hospital and then recovered with his friends at the RBARI shelter.

Storm was a beneficiary of RBARI's retirement fund, made possible in part by Grey Muzzle, which provided the funding needed for his medical care. His story was used to educate the public about the benefits of spay/neuter and the joys of adopting a senior.

The publicity paid off for Storm...

After his recovery, Storm was adopted! His loving family even got him a ramp so he can easily walk into and out of the car. We are beyond thrilled for Storm and his new family, and couldn't have asked for a better ending to his story. Look at the amazing life you saved and the happily ever after you made possible!