Remington, “Remy”

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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Remington is seven-year-old Boykin Spaniel whose intensity and drive will require that one-of-a-kind and very special home to adopt him.  He requires significant daily exercise and very structured training or activity with owner participation, and will require a home that can provide that mental and physical stimulation.

Remy is the first Boykin Spaniel to benefit from the new Sassy Senior program created through the generous funding provided by The Grey Muzzle Organization. The purpose of the Sassy Senior program is to provide behavior therapy and rehabilitation for senior Boykin Spaniel rescues to improve their opportunity for adoption.

He weighs sixty pounds, all muscle, and is taller than most Boykins. Because of his size, drive and exuberant nature, he can be a lot of dog to control!  For this reason, BSR has been working with Remy on his obedience training throughout his treatment for Heartworms, seizing what might have otherwise been down time and frustrating for him.  Looking ahead, Remy will still require significant, specialized training to reach his potential as an adoptable Boykin.  Remy came to us with a host of bad manners and unchanneled enthusiasm that quickly wore out his people.  His foster’s patience and experience have all helped him to get to the point where he is ready for a final push and ramping up of efforts to rehabilitate this unique Boykin.

As Remy now enters his last month of heartworm treatment, BSR has enrolled him in a 30-day training course by a professional K-9 officer, to commence on July 6. He could easily excel in rally work, hunting or training for specialized detection work, as long as the handler is experienced and committed to ongoing, weekly if not daily training. He is the epitome of a dog who needs a job!

Once Remy completes his training and is healthy, BSR will actively be marketing him to try to find the best match possible. He needs a forever home that will give him affection, structure and LOTS of mental and physical stimulation. A home without children and cats would be best. Remy will remain in the care of Boykin Spaniel Rescue for some time, however we will be leaving his availability open for the duration so that we can find exactly the right home for this super Boykin!

Thanks to Grey Muzzle, BSR will be able to devote the funds necessary for Remy to receive the much-needed professional training that will augment what he has already achieved in foster care.  Whether he finally becomes an upland hunter, a rally dog or even a detection dog, channeling Remy’s behavioral and emotional challenges will enable him to find that job he craves with a family of his own. Remy’s path to adoption is made possible with support from Grey Muzzle!