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Red pit bull Otis laying upside down
How we helped: 
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes

When Otis' people noticed he wasn't his usual self, they were quick to bring him into their regular vet. They learned that Otis had bladder stones and they needed to act quickly to save him and relieve his discomfort.

Unfortunately, the cost of his surgery would be more than his family could take on, but they were determind to save Otis. They truly loved their sweet, 10-year-old, red nose boy.

Happily, they learned about Auburn Valley Humane Society's Public Vet Assistance Fund, supported by a Grey Muzzle grant. Otis' family received help from the Fund and he got the surgery he desperately needed!

Otis' mom said, "It was a more extensive surgery than was originally planned, but they were able to save my baby boy! I owe a big thanks to you for helping us. He is a big part of our lives!"

Thanks for taking care of people and their pets like Otis. Your support makes a difference in thousands of lives each year.