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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Nobel had a heartbreaking start to life. For a decade, he was neglected and forgotten. Nobel was chained to a tree for ten years. And then finally, he was rescued. NMDOG, a new Grey Muzzle grantee, saved him and changed his fate.

Sadly, his lifelong chain-mate LaDonna did not make it after they were rescued. Her condition was too deteriorated by the time NMDOG found her and they helped her peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge. Nobel was devastated after losing her.





The caring volunteers at NMDOG knew that Nobel's recovery would take time, patience, treatment and love. He was a case of extreme neglect - found weighing under 31 pounds of matted fur, dirt and bugs which took a significant amount of time to remove.















Now, with the care and compassion of NMDOG volunteers and the medical team, Nobel has blossomed into a brand new dog! He continues thyroid treatment, regular grooming (which he now enjoys) and  a nutritious home-cooked diet with appropriate added supplements. He is currently still in their care with his wonderful NMDOG Hospice Foster Guardian and his sweet, tri-pawed sister Tasha, also an NMDOG alum.











Nobel now has a bounce in his step, a sparkle in his eyes and a smile on his it should be. You can save and transform more dogs like Nobel.