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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Merlin’s is the kind of story that your generous donations to the Summer Smile campaign make possible! Ten-year-old Merlin was a stray who was found this summer in Round Rock, Texas.

He had advanced periodontal disease and several abscessed, loose teeth when he entered Pug Rescue Austin's care. He received pain medication and antibiotics for a couple of weeks and then returned to the vet for dental care. A normal dog has 42 teeth, but little Merlin had only 25 at the start of his dental procedure. Many of his teeth had rotted due to years of neglect. Seventeen additional teeth had to be removed, leaving him with just eight teeth.

Thanks in part to a grant from Grey Muzzle, Merlin is now pain free and thoroughly enjoys his softened food. He was recently adopted and is now living like a king!