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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Meet Lucie! She’s an eight-year-old black lab, who ambled into a gas station parking lot off the side of busy Highway 17 in South Carolina, looking for food. This old gal spent several days hanging around the parking lot begging, until a volunteer from Saint Frances Animal Center happened to spot her. Lucie, game for any new adventure involving people, hopped into the car and was off to a new life!

While Lucie loves all people, she was less fond of dogs. So, it was difficult to find her a foster home and forever home without other dogs. Oh, and she also needed someone who wouldn't give her baths - she hates that!

Thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle, Saint Frances was able to care for Lucie for more than six months. They also marketed her nationally and she eventually found her perfect, forever home. 

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