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Kaiser just chillin' in his new home.
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Thanks to a medical expense grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization and the great work of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, Ronald and Kathryn's four-legged kids, Holly, Molly and Cody, are thrilled to announce that they have a new brother— Kaiser! A dashingly handsome eight-year-old chocolate gent, he’s fitting in beautifully with his retriever siblings and soaking up all the love and attention he gets from his new doting parents. With a big, happy family to keep him company, a half-acre yard to run and play in, and plenty of good napping spots to be found, Kaiser’s life is pretty doggone good these days.

Ronald writes:
“Kaiser is a laid back lab, for sure. He moved in and accepted us from the start. He loves the yard and is first in line when I put food out in the morning. He's one big love sponge! The picture of Kaiser is in one of his favorite spots on the floor, close to the windows to the pool and backyard. He's usually found there or on the couch with his Mom.”

Kaiser with his "pack."