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Vet tech and poodle
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Meet Gracie, a 12-year–old poodle mix who was rescued as a puppy by her devoted human. She’s been coming to Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. (PIN Cinci) for low-cost annual check-ups and wellness services for several years and, other than cataracts, has had no health issues.

At a recent appointment, Gracie’s mom took advantage of an option to order a senior screening blood panel for only a $5.00 co-payment, made possible by a Grey Muzzle grant. The test results revealed diabetes and Gracie is now on insulin and has her blood glucose levels checked regularly. Without the grant subsidy, Gracie's owner couldn't have even considered this extra service, and Gracie wouldn't be receiving her needed ongoing care.

The photo shows Gracie about to get her blood glucose level checked. She’s such a happy girl.  But we’re not sure who has the bigger smile--Gracie or PIN Cinci’s vet tech Kelly!