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Close up of a black and tan beagle mix
How we helped: 
Seniors for Seniors Adoption Grant

Seven years ago, Ernie came to Lollypop Farm from another shelter on a life-saving rescue waggin’ from Ohio. He was just a puppy at that time and was adopted into a home quickly.

Sadly, after seven years, Ernie found himself back at Lollypop Farm in need of care and confused about where he was. The veterinarians examined him and discovered some minor health issues, including a skin condition and overgrown toe nails. Ernie also had x-rays and biopsies in Lollypop’s Clinic. After a full work up and treatment, he was ready to find a home again.

This adorable, eight-year-old Beagle mix with a black and tan coat, loves slow walks and is a big beggar for treats. Recently, Ernie was adopted through Lollypop's Seniors for Seniors Program into a loving forever home where he gets daily walks and all the care and attention he'd been missing for so long.

Lollypop Farm's Seniors for Seniors Program is made possible by a Grey Muzzle grant, powered by you.