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Black lab Anna
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Many senior dogs are owned by senior people, and many senior people face memory challenges. Anna is a ten-year-old Labrador whose elderly owner found comfort in the familiar routine of feeding her.

When Anna’s owner died in June, she was surrendered to a local shelter grossly overweight for her size. Additionally, she suffered from Heartworm disease, an upper respiratory infection, bloody discharge from her nose, skin and mobility issues. She also had not been spayed.

Anna was pulled from the shelter by Peak Lab Rescue and placed into foster care. Her foster mom is also a senior and has a pack of slow-moving senior dogs. Initially, Anna would not tolerate the other dogs and she would not eat. However, with time, love and patience, she has learned the household routine and settled into her place in the group. Anna now happily accepts bathing, brushing and human affection. She is slowly losing weight and her activity level has increased noticeably.

Health wise, Anna’s heartworm has been treated and her various infections have cleared thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle. Her mobility issues improve with every pound she sheds. Very soon, this lovely Labralady will be looking for a forever home to call her own.