Pawmetto Lifeline

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Founded in 1999 as Project Pet, Pawmetto Lifeline has been the conscience of compassion for the Midlands community and a vital area resource for humane care for their abandoned and homeless pets. Their legacy is devotion to responsible and compassionate care for the homeless animals of their community, and of fostering the animal-human bond. In 2012, they transitioned into their new home on Bower Parkway. They remain dedicated to the core principle that every life is precious and that euthanasia should not be used as a means to control a domesticated population.

Funded in 2017
How we help: 

Funding from a Grey Muzzle grant supplements an integral element of Pawmetto Lifeline's Pet Retention Program - Sophie's Good Samaritan Medical Fund, which helps dogs with medical needs, many of which are considered "senior dogs". Specific medical care and treatments are directed to older dogs belonging to owners with limited financial ability to provide the needed care essential for the well-being of their beloved companion.

Pawmetto's focus on senior dogs will serve a segment of pets that deserve the opportunity to enhance their level of health, and even extend their lives.

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