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When Austin Pets Alive! started rescuing animals in 2008, Austin was somewhat rich in resources that prevented births. For almost ten years, more and more resources were put into spay and neuter programs, but the live outcome rate at our city shelter was stuck around 50%. Of course, the population of Austin was quickly growing, so it’s likely that the spay and neuter resources were helping our live outcome rate from getting worse.

While several resources were going into prevention and reducing intake, there was no effort to increase live outcomes from the shelter. Austin Pets Alive! saw that gap and created programs to save the key demographics of pets that hadn’t been making it out of our municipal shelter alive. These key groups of animals included puppies with parvovirus, unweaned kittens, cats with ringworm, dogs and cats in need of additional behavioral support and/or additional medical attention.

By developing comprehensive, innovative programs that targeted these key groups of animals and pulling directly from euthanasia lists, Austin Pets Alive! has saved more than 25,000 dogs and cats since 2008.

Funded in 2017
How we help: 

A Grey Muzzle grant will help Austin Pets Alive! create a new program to save senior pets who are at risk for needless euthanasia. Senior pets tend to have more complex problems that require more time with veterinarians. Our grant funds will help APA! continue to build this program to attempt to control medical costs for senior dogs by introducing intake diagnostics, to allow for earlier medical interventions that will reduce the average cost to treat senior dogs. It will also improve adoption prospects for older dogs.

These diagnostic tests will make it easier to connect senior dogs with loving, caring, and willing adopters who have the means and desire to give the dogs the level of care they require. APA! values the lives of all dogs and believes every dog's life is worth saving.

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