Nancy and Jeff*

Nancy and Jeff

In memory of Topanga, our sweet fluffy girl that was with us for 14 years. We miss you.

Carl Brackpool*

Carl Brackpool

In memory of Ketchy....the best yellow lab, ever.

Mark and Sue White*

Mark and Sue White

Our sweet foster Shelly. You were such a joy for 7 short months. We miss you.

Michelle H.*

Michelle H.

In memory of my foster, Sky. Self-absorbed, demanding and missed.

Adora Maharaj*

Adora Maharaj

In memory of Little Willie. Joining us at 15, we were only blessed to have you with us for 1 year but we miss you and all of your endearing old man antics! You are with us in our hearts everyday.

Adora Maharaj*

Adora Maharaj

In memory of Sassy. You were the sweetest lady ever. Joining us at 15, we were blessed to have you in our lives for just 1 year, but it was one of the best ever. We think of your sweet face everyday.

Kendra and Gordon*

Kendra and Gordon

In memory of our beloved hound mix Lulu, adopted at age 16 from the Pasadena Humane Society in March 2010, and passed away on November 16, 2011 after battling lymphoma for 5 weeks and 21 days.

Vivian Bish

In memory of my Gabby & Pepper

Bev Howdieshell

In memory of Brutus, Happy, Penny and DeeDee

Steve & Mae White

In Memory of “Sopie.” Our beloved Greyhound.

Rev. Shellie K. Pinner*

Rev. Shellie K. Pinner

In loving memory of my Kobi-"Gentle Spirit, Loving Heart."

Millie Crook*

Millie Crook

In loving memory of my Magwai - I miss you every day.


In memory of my Abe the Babe Lincoln Puppy.

Karen B. Wimberly

In Loving Memory of Dice.

Tamara Dunn*

Tamara Dunn

In Loving Memory of my sweet Peach Marie.

Whitney and John Clark

I carry your heart with me...

Whitney and John Clark*

Whitney and John Clark

For my 16 year old spit fire Zoe who keeps on going!

Virginia Evans

To my Friend Lisa Cervantes in memory of her Allie.

Sandy Anderson*

Sandy Anderson

In loving memory of Spice - I miss your beautiful face.

Paul and Carolyne Whiting*

Paul and Carolyne Whiting

In loving memory of Jackson Whiting

Pat & Joel Sabel

In loving memory of Izzy - Mom's Co-Pilot, Always a Good Boy.

Nanci Drew*

Nanci Drew

In memory of the Lolli Mama.

Mark and Sue White*

Mark and Sue White

Dudley - In our care 2009 - 2011. In our hearts forever.

Mark and Dana*

Mark and Dana

In loving memory of Teddy

Linda *


Gabriel, your beautiful, gentle Spirit remains with me forever.



My boy Ty. I'll love you always.

Janet and David*

Janet and David

In memory of Tugs. We all miss you every day.

Ernie & Jenny Satterthwait*

Ernie & Jenny Satterthwait

In Memory of Willie our Airedale.

Donna Katz and David Weinstein*

Donna Katz and David Weinstein

In memory of Bella, our sweet fuzz.

Deanna Glaze*

Deanna Glaze

In honor of Desi.



In memory of Maxwell.

Renee, Andre, and Stacie

We love and miss you, Emmet Otter (aka Meems)

Paul & Roslyn Reid

In memory of Morgan, 1991-2004

Lynn & John Middleton

In Memory of our beloved Prince Jacob Raven aka Jake

Lauren Hill*

Lauren Hill

Harriet - my little hiking buddy! I miss you every day.

Karen and the Magee Family*

Karen and the Magee Family

In loving memory of Lilly (aka Li-ttle Lilly, Li-Loy)

Karen A. Mann*

Karen A. Mann

In memory of my buddy Cocoa - a.k.a. Mr. C -- 1996-2011

Jennifer Douglas

In memory of Angel Douglas

Heidi Shore

In memory of my sweet girl Sami

Jennifer Kosanovich*

Jennifer Kosanovich

In memory of Peach Marie Dunn.

Cammy Hickman*

Cammy Hickman

In memory of Havoc and Mel. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my ever lovin' stars for having had you as part of my life.

Gena & Randy Dickinson*

Gena & Randy Dickinson

Hershey: We will always remember your smile!

Dawn Rekoske*

Dawn Rekoske

Always - everywhere I go, you'll go too. I miss you, Couver.

Cary Goodman

In memory of my first dog, Daphne, always in my heart.