Always in My Heart

This page is dedicated to the Grey Muzzle 2015 Always In My Heart campaign. During the year, our supporters celebrate the pets they have cherished by making a special "in memory of" donation to the Always In My Heart campaign. A gift of $20 or more supports senior dogs nationwide who have become homeless when they are most in need.


Always In My Heart Donors

Sookie's Crew

Sweet Sookie, you brought so much happiness to your family and they miss you so incredibly already. You left them with so many happy memories, though you were with them such a short time. Rest in peace, beautiful girl!

Lisa and Maxwell*

Lisa and Maxwell

In loving memory of Zeus Hubick----the 17 year old wonder dog! Much loved and missed and always in their hearts.

Jan Zulkeski*

Jan Zulkeski

Andy. You came to Camp at age 11 and left us just 17 months later. We are sure going to miss you buddy, thank you for being here to shine your light. Lots of love, Momma and the campers <3

Tami & Kent Sterling*

Tami & Kent Sterling

In loving memory of our sweet Kennedy who exemplified the meaning of pure & authentic love. Our hearts, although broken by your departure, were forever changed by the blessings that your gentle demeanor and steadfast love brought to us. We will forever miss you and until that sweet day, when we meet again in all of heavens glory, your memory will forever reside within our mind and hearts!

Dia and Bev*

Dia and Bev

We watched our boy Smoky move from young and sturdy to old and frail, but he was always our darling, whether romping in the snow, jumping in a mountain stream, or coming slowly to lie quietly near us in later years. His eyesight and hearing decreased, and his ability to get up and walk on his own grew less, but he was always "somewhere in there", our old boy. August 29 he left us while we caressed and whispered to him--but he lives in our hearts and memories.

BestFriends Biotechnics*

BestFriends Biotechnics

I can not tell you how much richer Bow made my daughter's life. We will always hold tight to our memories of Bow. Bow passed from complications of Cushing's disease, more common in "grey muzzle" older dogs. Run free over the rainbow bridge Bow until we see you again.

Vicki Harrington*

Vicki Harrington

Leo, my precious puppy, you were like my third child. Your love for our whole family never wavered. In 2007 when our whole world was in upheaval and I had to sell my business and we had to move to a different state and I cried every day, you never left my side. You followed me from room to room and stuck to me like glue because you knew how much I needed you. I will love you forever and miss you so very much. Rest in peace my sweet boy.



You are always in our heart "Yukie" not a day goes by that we don't miss you. Until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge.

Cari Walling*

Cari Walling

Bridgette, your relentless support is what helped me survive my recent educational quest. Despite a terminal illness upon adoption, your never-ending love for life helped me clarify my true passion was indeed providing hospice care for animals. Although I dearly miss my shadow, your presence will be with me always. Love you, Bridgette!



It's hard to not feel completely overcome with grief right now but I know that one day soon the happy memories will overtake the sad. We'll miss you so much sweet little sister but are so very thankful for all that you gave us in the short time you were in our lives. Love, Cammy and all the folks that loved her as deeply as I did.

Joyce Anderson*

Joyce Anderson

In memory of my beloveds Frankie and Suni Angel who crossed over that rainbow bridge in the last 2 years. I will love you both forever and I know that we will all reunite one day. My darling Chisi is 17 now and getting closer to that bridge daily and although my heart breaks at the thought, my gratitude for all the love the 3 of us have shared keeps me going. Rescue dogs are the best. Thank you Grey Muzzle for the good you do.

Ellen Dixon-Tulloch*

Ellen Dixon-Tulloch

I'll miss you, my sweet fluffy friend. May you have many happy hikes and agility trials at Rainbow Bridge. You were well loved!



Rest in peace dear Doris. Your poppas miss you terribly but I know full well that you're kicking your heels up high and hard with some of my dearly departed dog children. Love from the Auntie that never got to meet yee. -Cammy

Julie Rice*

Julie Rice

I adopted Jaime in 1998 from a rescue group in NC when he was 18 months old. I was told he had been in rescue since he was 4 months old but hadn't worked out in any of the homes he'd been placed in due to his high activity level and typical BC bossiness. As soon as I set eyes on Jaime I knew I would keep him. He was a strikingly handsome dog with classic black and white markings and yellow eyes. Jaime and I spent many years together hiking, playing and traveling all over the US to attend seminars and compete in dog agility trials. He was a great hiking partner. Jaime lived a long and healthy life and spent the last several running in our 3 acre fenced yard. He lived to be 17 plus years old (we never knew his exact birthday) and when we finally had to say goodbye it was like saying goodbye to a large part of my life. I will never forget him or the lessons he taught me about persistence and dedication. Jaime, rest well, Buddy, I'll miss your sweet speckled face forever.

Becky Souter*

Becky Souter

Edward, I remember one day taking you out for a short walk when I was ill. I was feeling sorry for myself, because I was alone, and did not have anyone to help me. As we continued to walk I started to grow dizzy, and knew I was about to fall when suddenly I felt someone leaning in to hold me up. When I looked down I saw you standing there. You had a look on you face like you understood I needed your help. You looked concerned, yet strong and proud. We continued to slowly walk beside each other with you gently leaning into me until we made our way home. At that moment I realized that I was far from alone, and in one way or another we would always find a way to hold each other up. The day you passed I literally felt my heart shatter. You are my soul mate. I know that we will one day be together. Until then, on the good days I can still feel you walking close by, leaning in just enough to hold me up as we make our way home... I will be right back Baby Bird, I love you.



In Memory of our Teddy, my first Dog. I will never forget you little one. I will meet you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge...

Edward Craig*

Edward Craig

She had the name "Lady" before we ever laid eyes on her at the shelter. She was 7 years old, and a perfect lady in every way. Lady was the mature adult, who knew her place in the house and always was so attentive to being appropriate. As time went on, I appreciated Lady more and more for the kind creature that she was. When she would eat out of our hand, she was so careful not to bite our hands. Whenever I would feed her dinner, she would never eat it immediately, but would look at me for 5-10 seconds, wagging her tail; I sensed that it was her way of thanking me for her meal.

Jennifer Webber*

Jennifer Webber

In loving memory of sweet Abigail. This precious girl changed our lives in so many ways. Love you and can't wait to see you again:)



My golden retriever was the best! Fifteen years of joy,love,and happiness. Maggie was sweet to everyone and everything. i miss you but you will forever live in my heart

New York Veterinary Practice*

New York Veterinary Practice

In Loving Memory of Cyrus - we will never forget you

New York Veterinary Practice*

New York Veterinary Practice

In Loving Memory of Maddie - we will never forget you

New York Veterinary Practice

We will miss you Kaliegh!

Susan Weimer*

Susan Weimer

Buddy you were my first love after much heart ache and pain. You came into my life at a time I needed hugs and kisses from my one and only "Bud Man". I miss you greatly and honor your memory by giving to help other senior "angels" give love and bring healing to ones who so desperately need to be loved. Thank you, Buddy Boy, for 15 wonderful years of orneriness and love. I will see you again in heaven as I know you were an angel sent from God. I love you, Bud Man.

Scotty and Melissa*

Scotty and Melissa

Always in our hearts and on our minds-love you always.

Stacie Duncan*

Stacie Duncan

In memory of my precious swan, Monkey Mae. I loved her and she loved me.

Betsy Lane & Biscuit*

Betsy Lane & Biscuit

For Puffy, who has meant the world to my friend Judit for the past 15 years. Puffy had issues (who doesn't?), but was so smart he turned his person into a gifted professional dog trainer. Together, they made an unstoppable team. Here's to 15 years of living and learning together, and to loving and standing by our dogs, always. "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand." That'll do, Puff. That'll do. 3-21-2015



My Daisy who was taken by cancer, I will never forget you sweet girl, You left a big void in my life. Rusty my Golden, you kept your end of the deal and lived till 15 like I asked you so many times. My heart will never heal because you two were so very special to me and to each other. Following one another to the Rainbow Bridge within two weeks of one another shows just that. I will love you for ever.



In loving memory of Mr. Bullet, 14yrs. I only had you four years, but they were the best ones. I miss your humming and sweet face.

Laura and Chuck Staley*

Laura and Chuck Staley

In loving memory of our first dog, Alex, who passed away 3/9/2015 at the age of 15. Rescued as an emaciated stray with a broken tail on the streets in Stockton, CA, we nursed him back to health and provided a loving home for him. Alex was a real trooper and successfully underwent major back surgery in the early years. He provided us with 13 years of love and outlived two of our other dogs. We will miss our little "Leexer" forever.

T. Seaboy*

T. Seaboy

Never have I had the pleasure to love a more beautiful, gentle girl. You'll never be forgotten, but the tennis balls that were buried under the winter snow have broke free.. and they make us miss you horribly. Rest well.

mlp & gsp

Molly - our gentle sweet girl, who we miss every day, will always be with us in our hearts, memories and laughter. Loving you forever and beyond.

Marie & Belle

Good Work Lil G, All the rescue dogs from Trio Rescue in Chicago Thank you, We'll miss you.

Vanessa and Kevin*

Vanessa and Kevin

In loving memory of Theo who started it all. Thank you for opening up our world and our hearts.



In memory of Charlie....found on the streets of LA, who passed in December 2013 at the beautiful age of 17 and a half years. Your unconditional love and joy will live forever in my heart. It has been an honor to share your life.

Maria Gartland*

Maria Gartland

In memory of Maggie, one of the oldest and nicest dogs in DeKalb Co. You had a long and happy life with the greatest dog parents around.

Janet and Phil*

Janet and Phil

Rest little Stanley. We'll never forget you.


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Thank you for honoring your past friends by supporting at-risk senior dogs. Your gifts ensure that proper medical care, beds, foster and adoption programs, and above all, hope, are provided to senior dogs who are most in need.