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A Grey Muzzle Inspiration

Sassy was an ancient cattle dog mix who started out as a beloved pet, but when her family could not continue to care for her, she ended up in a very hard situation. Her health had been neglected for many years—severe food allergies were ignored and she was infested with fleas. She was relegated to the backyard when these problems caused her to smell.

When OldDog Haven asked Julie Dudley, Grey Muzzle’s founder, to take Sassy in, Sassy was close to giving up. The skin on her entire body was infected from allergies, she had chronic ear infections, and she never lifted her head or wagged her tail. Julie and Happy Hound Hotel worked together to care for Sassy the first few weeks when antibiotics and many medicated baths were required. With a strict diet, Sassy began to improve. 

After years of being isolated alone outside, Sassy loved nothing more than being with the family. She moved very slowly and stiffly, but there was a happy light in her eyes and she relished every minute of car outings and short walks (and even stroller rides near the end).
On 4/28/09 Sassy crossed the Rainbow Bridge, after nearly two years of love, family life, and pack life (the vet thought she maybe had six months). The time was far too short for us. Sassy was truly one of the inspirations for The Grey Muzzle Organization.
The Grey Muzzle Organization seeks to increase the number of
lifelong hospice homes available to help dogs like Sassy.